An Open Letter to Piers Morgan

Mr. Morgan,

Based on your words and behavior in recent segments of your show, it’s quite apparent that you believe American gun culture to be asinine, and our legally protected right to keep and bear arms to be the root cause of gun related violence and murder in America. It is also clear that you view those who support the right to keep and bear arms as disgusting for what you interpret as complicity in crimes where people are harmed or killed by a gun.

What I think is disgusting Mr. Morgan, is that we continue to bury innocent loved ones because you and others like you refuse to accept reality, refuse to allow open discourse, and refuse to acknowledge the facts of gun control and gun violence. While there is no perfect answer, there is ample evidence that gun control results in more death and destruction. We know how to reduce gun violence. We can repeat fact-based scenarios over and over and over again, yet you prefer to condemn people to suffer at the hands of monsters rather than allow them to defend themselves and those they love and care for.

I hesitate to accuse you of having blood on your hands because I truly believe you are trying to do the right thing, that you really do want to preserve and protect life. But the fact that you will not allow open discussion exposes the unfortunate truth that you do not value life as much as you value your ideology.

I hope you realize that the longer you and others refuse to discuss all options, the closer we move toward the next atrocity. Open your mind before the next madman opens fire.

The Liberty Dude