United We Stand

September 11th galvanized us as a nation. We put American flag stickers on our cars, waved to our neighbors, and let people in front of us while we stood in line. Our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters had been taken from us and we stared bewildered because we didn’t know why.

Following the attack, it didn’t matter what color your skin was or your annual salary, if you were American, you were one of “us”, and in a time of great fear and grief, being one of “us” was part of what you needed to move on.

Now look at us. Torn to pieces, labeled by color, status, religion, politics, occupation. Arguing and fighting, yelling at each other over what? Who has more stuff? Who was born with the wrong skin color?

Open your eyes and look at the people who are fomenting this hatred, fabricating it out of thin air. They are the enemy, not your neighbor, not that guy on tv with more cars than you.

On this day, of all days, lower your fists, calm your voice, look at what you’ve become, what we have become. Then look at who has done this to us. It’s time to show the exit door to those who divide us. It’s time to become “us” again, and forever.

United We Stand