Like Minded People

Conversation over a few beers tonight of course evolved (devolved?) into politics, where I realized that the very intelligent and vibrant people around me understood freedom as protected by the American constitution. That while that freedom came certainly with risk, the alternative was being subservient to a ruling elite.

That of course reminded me that America’s ruling elite are only conferred their power through the willing or perhaps orchestrated submission of the masses who believe they are actually empowered, the subverted who believe they are elite, that is the liberals who sit around tables drinking the same beer, pontificating about those conservative rubes who cling to their guns and religion. All the while the power class strips away the very element that affords them the ability to pontificate at all – freedom.

How ironic that the “rubes” can clearly reality and have no fear discussing it while the “enlightened” blissfully cling to their blindness. It seems that consorting with like minded people could be characterized as a virtue for the right and a vice for the left.