“Necessarily Skyrocket”

I’ve wanted to use Obama’s statement about making electricity prices skyrocket in a debate for some time. He’s back in the news talking about it again, so here is my take…

In 2008 then candidate Obama made the statement, “Under my cap and trade plan, electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket.”

When a man goes on record as making such a statement, what does that say about that man? Either he is a fool, or he is incredibly wicked, and I don’t think Obama is a fool.

Who purchases electricity? Do poor people purchase electricity? Why would Obama want electricity prices to skyrocket if it would make electricity more expensive for poor people?

Do manufacturers purchase electricity in order to make things? If it costs more to make things won’t the prices go up? Of course! Do poor people buy things? Then why would Obama want to make things more expensive for poor people?

Obama’s not stupid, he is wicked. He understands the implications of electricity prices “necessarily” skyrocketing. He knows it will stress the poor much more than it will stress the rich, but he’s willing to make it happen because he cares more about demonizing and destroying “the rich” than he does about the poor. He cares more about appealing to his environmentalist voting bloc than he does about making food and staples more affordable to manufacture and sell.

Obama’s statement reveals something further about his persona. He understands that the administrative power of the federal government has been perverted beyond any reasonable intention and he is perfectly comfortable using that power to artificially and arbitrarily implement change. He has no hesitation unilaterally enacting policy to affect his wishes, against any and all resistance.

Obama is an administrative dictator. He knows it, and he told us in 2008 that he is perfectly fine with that. Poor people be damned.