Backpacks and Open Borders

The sequester has taken front seat in recent discourse, but with its passage, I’m sure we’ll see a renewal of the discussion about “immigration reform.” Mixed in among the arguments for closing the border, more patrols, and more funding for immigration personnel, are those pushing for amnesty, a portion of whom think borders are stupid anyway. These “Open Borders” advocates support a completely unchecked movement of people and product across any border, effectively making borders merely a gesture.

Open borders might be ok if 100% of the human race were benevolent, desiring only to do good things. But we all know that’s a ridiculous notion. Besides, what’s “good” to you might not be “good” to me, so even if 100% of the human race had good intentions, things just wouldn’t work out “all good.”

So I propose the following exercise when confronted by an Open Borders advocate (or some variation thereof):

Approach the Open Borders advocate area

Find an unattended backpack (purse, duffel, etc)

Proceed to rifle through the contents until someone notices and says something like,

“Hey! That’s my backpack!”

To which you respond,

“No it’s not.”

“Yes it is! That’s my backpack!”

Hand the backpack over and respond, “No, it’s not! It’s a border. It’s a boundary around things you want to keep safe, and private, and together. It’s a border around things that are important to you.”

And watch as their Open Borders foundation falls out from under their feet.