“The Business of Making Law”

Senator Diane Feinstein has received a lot of media coverage over the past few months regarding the resurgence of her “assault weapon” ban legislation. Recently she and Senator Ted Cruz had a heated exchange prior to the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on her bill. Senator Cruz asked about the Constitutional basis for the bill and she responded with incredulity that Senator Cruz would doubt the Constitutionality of her proposition. While the weapon ban is of interest to me, I was more struck by something she said during the exchange:

“Sir. Congress is in the business of making law.”

In the business of making law. Actually, Senator Feinstein, Congress should be in the business of making life as an American more peaceful, productive, and happy. Congress should be singularly focused on giving Americans ever more direct and unimpeded access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Senator Feinstein’s statement gave me additional insight into the mind of the liberal, progressive, leftist politician. They think governing bodies are mandated to pass more and more and more law. Should Congress should pass laws until we choke our entire society under their burden? Curiously, that describes exactly the direction we’re headed.

I think this paradigm could be useful in juxtaposing the right against the left. Do you want to be increasingly oppressed underneath the burden of law? Vote for the left. Do you want to be free to choose to live life the way you desire to, protected by law? Vote for the right.