If You Love Someone, Control Them Without Mercy


Did I get that wrong?

Ohh. If I love someone, I’m supposed to set them free? I see.

Liberals claim the mantle of compassion and tolerance, evidenced as social justice, human rights, general welfare, safety nets, fairness… Liberals believe their policies deliver love through the mechanism of government.

If you wipe away the rhetoric and look at what liberals do, the picture is quite the opposite. Rules for restaurants. Rules for watering your lawn. Rules for light bulbs. Rules for toilets. And if you disobey the rules? No mercy.

If you’re a liberal, you probably think that limiting the amount of water per flush conserves water, and conserving water is good. I’m not arguing that. I’m arguing that you can’t simultaneously be the ideology of love and the ideology of never ending rules, regulations, and intrusions.

If you love someone, set them free allows no room for interpretation. You either love or you control, there is no middle ground. So – liberals – please excuse me if I shatter the illusion that you do what you do out of love. That you care so much you’re willing to force me to live in misery.

There’s no reason for conservatives to add a qualifier to their ideology e.g. “compassionate conservative.” Conservatives want you to be as free as possible. Burn the regulations. Punish only those that do harm, not those who would do good only to find their intentions suffocated under a crushing burden of rules.

Hey liberals, own it. You are the ideology of control, of no mercy. Conservatives are the ideology of freedom, of love.

If you love freedom, you are a conservative. And only if you love freedom, will you set someone free.