A Handful of Change

My wife had a conversation with a liberal the other day. They were discussing taxes. Interestingly, the liberal agreed that government takes too much of people’s money. But do you know how they rationalized their continued support of the Democrat party?

“The government’s going to take the money anyway, and I’d rather vote for the party that’s going to give some to the needy rather than the party that supports rich people.”

Yep. Even when they admit that the government takes too much, they placate themselves with the knowledge that at least it’s going to a good cause.

You know what I say? Why is it noble to take money from one person and give it to another? How are you ensuring that the money is improving things cialis 20 mg?

Welfare has become a way for people to abdicate personal responsibility. If they vote for politicians who support welfare, they can brag that “They care about others” or they’re “Doing their part” and “Doing the right thing.”

Nope. Sorry.

Unless you’re giving your own money or in the trenches with the people trying to help, you’re not doing anything but using your vote as a dismissal of guilt, the guilt you carry because you know you’re not really “Doing the right thing.” You’re doing nothing at all, just pontificating behind the assumption that other people are doing it for you.

How noble to claim that you care about the needy while authorizing politicians to steal on your behalf. Noble indeed. The very picture of moral superiority. And all the while people buy booze with their EBT cards, hang out on the street because they don’t have to work, and generally rot away because no one is there helping them to become human again.

You and your welfare vote can rot in the vacant stares of a million eyes who long for a better life and get nothing but a patronizing smile and a handful of change.