Minority Rules

Following last week’s Senate vote on the several gun control measures brought forward, Obama held a press conference in which he proceeded to throw a temper tantrum, lamenting how a “minority” of Senators aligned themselves with a minority of Americans to side with the gun lobby and vote down 7 of the 8 measures brought up for vote.

Obama made it clear that it wasn’t right that a minority with a minority view was able to overrule a majority apotheke-zag.de. Well, if that’s the case I’ve got something to say to Mr. Obama:

You can take your Executive Orders and shove them.

If there is any more blatant example of a minority overruling a majority, it’s a unilateral declaration by a SINGLE PERSON that holds sway over an ENTIRE NATION.

If Obama wants to lecture us on why it’s unfair that a minority can overrule the will of the majority, I’d suggest he open the lecture with a primer on slavery, then segue into the history of the American Indian, and then finally to the issue of voting rights for women, before finally enlightening us about the merits of majority rule.

Mr. Obama, the reason it’s perfectly ok for a minority to overrule a majority is so society doesn’t degenerate into spoils for the many and misery for the few, and I’d suggest that you consider your own actions before decrying those of others. It’s crystal clear that you’re not at all concerned about the power of the minority over the majority, you’re only concerned that the minority votes the right way, your way.