What It Looks Like When The Government Takes Your Soul

Do you want to see what it looks like when the government takes your soul?

Imagine what would happen if you sat down with this woman in a quiet room and asked her to tell you her dreams. As a small girl looking out at the world, what did she dream of, what did she want from her life? Then stand with her in a mirror and ask her to look at what she has become. Did she ever dream she’d be out in the street holding a piece of posterboard shouting about her free phone?

Do you think she would break down and cry? Remain indignant?

I really don’t know how she would react, but I am sad for her.

And I am angry.

Angry at the bureaucrats who speak of compassion as they destroy dignity.

Angry at those who support welfare programs with no result other than taking someone who feels like they’ve hit bottom and giving them a shovel.

Tax the rich!

For what? So we can send more people home with their government phones and government food, where they can sit on the porch and slowly sink into the misery that is breathing but not living?

Sorry, but I’m not gonna be on that side. I’m not gonna tear people’s hearts out and stomp on their dreams in the name of social justice.

Tax the rich. Take more money for programs that take people’s souls. Take, take, take.

No thanks.

This is big government, social justice, welfare at work folks. Take from people who work to support programs that destroy. The welfare system is supposed to eradicate poverty, right? Then why isn’t it getting smaller? Why hasn’t it become obsolete?

This situation needs to be fixed but big government advocates are too hungry for power to be concerned about it. And capitalists are accused of being selfish? Rubbish.

It’s time to give these people their lives back. Rip the welfare system out and replace it with something that fulfills its purpose, to provide a safety net and get people back on track. Enough with the bottomless pit.