Your Third-Party Vote is Not Symbolic, It’s Pathetic

Ahh yes, the “protest” vote.

The equivalent to an electoral temper tantrum. “My candidate didn’t get picked, so I’m taking my ball and going home!”

Casting your vote for a third-party to “make a statement” isn’t a brash move to show the establishment that you’re tired of poliitics as usual, it’s spit in the face of those who died providing and protecting your freedom to vote.

You want to make a statement? Donate a couple grand to your choice’s campaign. Volunteer for them. Get involved in the local effort to reform your school system so kids aren’t indoctrinated in progressive left-think.

A vote is not a “statement”. It’s a freedom paid for in blood.

Imagine kneeling down next to a dying soldier laying on the ground. You look into his fading eyes and say, “Hey man. Thanks for taking a bullet to protect my freedom to vote. You know what? I’m gonna cast a vote in protest of our establishment politics! Later!”


Disgusting and pathetic.