Conservatives Defend Individuality, Liberals Demand Conformity

Conservatives want you to be you.

Liberals want you to be them.

“America” was founded on the idea that you have a right to be yourself.

The entire architecture of American government centers around individual rights.

Conservatives want to “conserve” this idea.

Liberals want to destroy it.

Oh, liberals will deny it. They’ll talk about “tolerance” and “fairness” but it’s really easy to get the truth. All you have to do is ask for it…

Do you support an individual’s right to get a tattoo?

Do you support an individual’s right to smoke weed?

Do you support an individual’s right to be gay?

Do you support an individual’s right to organize a gay pride parade?

Do you support an individual’s right to protest that parade?

Do you support an individual’s right to define marriage as between a man and a woman?

Do you support an individual’s right to keep all of the money they earn?

Do you support an individual’s right to kill and eat an animal?

See how that works? The liberal will support individual rights until an individual wants to behave contrary to the liberal worldview.

Forget about the whole “social conservative” thing. You’re afraid to vote for conservatives because you think they’ll ban abortion and birth control? Some might want to. But it DOESN’T MATTER. Even if a conservative is repulsed by something (e.g. abortion), the conservative will also be repulsed by the prospect of using government power to take away your freedom to choose. A conservative’s reverence for individual rights will prevent them from using government to forward their personal agenda. If a politician uses government to ban something, they are NOT conservative, they are liberal.

Liberals jump at the chance to use government power as a tool to deny a freedom. Bans on salt. Helmet laws. Insurance mandates. Endless use of government to force others to be “right” or “good.”

If you are a liberal because you think liberals allow people to be themselves, you need to look at how liberals use government to force people to live a certain way. That’s tolerance?

If you truly want tolerance. Truly want everyone to be able to be themselves, you should be a conservative.

Conservatives will defend your right to be yourself, regardless of how your life might conflict with our personal beliefs, because we detest the use of power to limit freedom.

Sure there are examples where individuals should be limited. Murder comes to mind. But as a philosophy, conservatives support individual rights over the power of government.

Conservatives are champions of individuality.

Conservatives defend individuality.

Liberals demand conformity.