Obama’s Reelection Was a Referendum on Celebrity, Not Policy

A mandate? Really?!

Obama is delusional if he thinks his reelection was a mandate on policy.

Did he not see the video of people opposing Romney’s policies only to be told that they were Obama’s policies?

Did he not see the college students rallying for Obama who couldn’t articulate why?

Did he not see the “Obamaphone” lady?

This election had nothing to do with Obama’s policies. Even he knows how caustic they are. That’s why he didn’t run on policy. He ran on identity politics and demonization.

This election was all about celebrity. Cool factor. Swagger. Endorsements. Interviews.

The View. Ellen. Samuel L. Jackson. Bruce Springsteen. Jay-Z. Us Magazine.

Policy? Insanity. Any Republican who proclaims otherwise is delusional as well.

Boehner anyone?

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