What the Current State of the Gun Control Debate Tells Me About the Future of the Right

It tells me things are good.

Granted, I don’t absorb information from known “left leaning” sources of information, and there is zero doubt that the next 4 years will be difficult, but when you have a situation where the left only persists through diversion, collusion, obfuscation, obstruction, and lies, the writing is on the wall: things are close to crumbling.

Oh the left holds many cards. The Presidency, the Senate, the justice system, administrative agencies, the public school system, private and public sector unions, non-profits, the media, and on, and on, and on. But even in the face of that monumental effort, the right carries on. It should be pulverized by now, but the right is still there.

And when you frame the left vs right political situation within the current gun control debate, the future looks promising. As long as you get your information from non or minimally biased sources, it is astounding that this crashing wave of anti-gun propaganda is being met with a substantially well-informed, level-headed resistance. There is no mass movement in one direction or the other. The issue is at a head, but also frozen in combat.

As a “gun nut” you can bet I’ll be watching this closely, but at the moment, it appears to me that additional gun control is a non-starter, and looking more deeply into it, I sense a burgeoning curiosity among those in “the middle” who are hearing the arguments of the pro-gun resistance and recognizing that it’s not full of lunacy, it’s full of reason, passion, and most of all a desire to do something that will actually make a difference.

We driven by emotion just like the left, but we are not driven by anger at an ideology, we are driven by love for those who were lost and those who are missing the ones they love.