All Good Things

The current immigration “reform” conversation has me particularly upset because I have a good friend who has been in the immigration queue for many years, has spent a lot of money and time, is working for an American company and paying American taxes, yet has not been given the opportunity to become a citizen, and he very much wants to.

This man is a good man and will be a good American. I’m sure that many illegal immigrants are also good, but to think they are all good is wishful thinking.

For those who view amnesty as “fair” because illegal immigrants are simply here trying to make something of and for themselves, I ask, “All of them?” Are you absolutely certain that every single illegal immigrant is a good person who is just trying to make it in an ugly world? I would argue that to be ludicrous.

With a border as porous as ours and the lone fact that we have people here in America that came here without one single vetting, you can rest assured that there are illegals here who want nothing but the worst. They want to rob. They want to rape. They want to steal. They want to kill. It’s not xenophobic to say so. It’s reality.

Why would you ever consider amnesty if there was even the possibility that you would confer citizenship on someone who only wanted to harm other citizens? It’s ludicrous.

We need to stop illegal immigration first, then use existing, perhaps improved, immigrant processing to vet those already here. Illegal immigrants are not all good things.