What Difference Does It Make?

I don’t consume much “mainstream media” because I grew tired of the liberal bias and character bashing, but I was on the road yesterday flipping stations and happened upon a “news” channel, so I listened for a bit.

There was a segment previewing the coming Martin/Zimmerman case where Travon Martin was characterized as a “child” and George Zimmerman was called a “creepy neighborhood guy,” followed by a call in segment with Ann Coulter. The final minute of the call was devoted to Benghazi, and how Republicans are blocking the confirmation of Hagel and Brennan until better answers are provided in explanation of the situation in Benghazi and the deaths of four Americans. The radio hosts insisted that the Republicans are playing politics. When Coulter countered that the people who died at Benghazi might have been saved, the hosts resolutely said that they could not have been saved, that a rescue mission was irrelevant because a rescue was impossible.

I found myself asking, “Who cares?!” Who cares if a rescue was deemed impossible, try it anyway! At least try to get those guys out of there!

And then it struck me just how relevant Hillary Clinton’s infamous remark is:

What difference does it make?

So I’d like to pose a theoretical situation to the radio hosts…

Let’s say you are an American diplomat stationed far away from home. One night, a group of people start shooting into your compound, launching grenades, throwing bottles filled with diesel fuel bursting into flames.

You call your home office and say, “We’re under attack! They’re shooing at us! The place is catching fire!” The home office asks, “Who?! Who is attacking?!” You, “I don’t know! Just get us out of here!”

Now, if you were the diplomat, what would you want your government back home to be doing right now? What would you want to happen right now? Would you want someone to get on the phone and scramble some jets? Someone to tell you, “Ok! We’re on it. Just hold out for a little bit!” Or would you rather a committee gather around a conference table, find that the computer model says you can’t hold out long enough for help to arrive, and decide to do nothing?

I ask again, what would you want to happen if your foreign base was under attack? Would you want your home base to launch a rescue mission in spite of the odds? Or would you want them to call it too risky, too many questions, and leave you to die?

I think I know the answer.

So – If the Obama administration had scrambled the fighters, and the gunships, and the SEAL team, don’t you think they’d be bragging about it? Don’t you think they’d have been on every news program, in every magazine, on every social website trumpeting the fact that they made the “gutsy call” to go in when the experts said there was no way – no way you were getting those guys out of there? Don’t you think the Obama administration would be shouting at FULL VOLUME how awesome they were as they told the bean counters to go to HELL, we’re getting our boys OUT!

You better believe they would.

So why aren’t they?

Because they left those men to die.

The experts said there’s no way and the Obama administration left them to die.

So I ask again, if you were the American diplomat and your base was under attack, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE if some committee says a rescue is impossible? You’d want the rescue attempted anyway. You’d want to be told, “Help is on the way!” As you look down at your casket and see your dead body half exposed, you’d want to know that your boss did everything they could, that they tried, that you were worth the “gutsy call.”