A Note to Republicans: Become Anti-Democrat

I don’t necessarily agree that the Republican party will cease to exist if it doesn’t change it’s behavior. I think that’s impossible to predict, however, I do think Republicans will find the future difficult if they continue a policy of “Democrat-lite” through compromise, because Democrats simply don’t compromise. It seems a stretch to think you’ll survive by compromising with an opposition hell bent on your destruction.

Rather than being on a path to inevitable doom, I think the stage is set for a Republican resurgence and perhaps dominance, given one, decisive change, becoming explicitly “Anti-Democrat”.

The Democrats believe they are in control of the American body politic. They think the 2012 reelection of Obama is a signal that they are politically indestructible, and in reaction have brazenly rallied around what was always their party platform – control.

Democrats are all about control. The more rules and regulations the better, and when they can’t get these things through the legislative process, they simply bypass the legal process through administrative or executive action. It’s their way or the highway and if you don’t like it, that’s cute but too bad since you can’t do anything about it – peasant.

The Democrats have attached themselves so firmly to a policy of control that an anti-Democrat mantra instantly and automatically positions you as a champion of freedom. If the Democrats want to be the party of control, let them. Take the opposite side, the side of freedom. The bumper stickers practically write themselves…

Republicans believe in you
Democrats don’t

Republicans fight for freedom
Democrats fight for control

Vote Democrat
Who doesn’t want more rules?

Republicans: It’s all about you
Democrats: It’s all about me!