The Democrats Are Coming! The Democrats Are Coming!

Recently we learned of a master plan to turn North Carolina into a Democrat dominated state via “Blueprint NC.” Now we find out that there is a similar plan for Texas, the state I call home. This caused me to ponder many things, such as why these groups are funded so deeply. There must be a monetary interest in Democrat policy, a profit to be made by turning states blue. I hope to investigate that as time allows, but for now just a brief thought considering the Democrats are now gunning for Texas (pun intended).

Thinking about these coordinated efforts to polarize states I finally centered my thinking around the question, “Why are these organized efforts needed at all?” I mean, if Democrat policies are so wonderful, wouldn’t people naturally gravitate to them? Wouldn’t the country turn blue without effort?

If people want something, if they desire to have it, if it is good to have, they will try to get it, whatever it is. When you consider that the only effort required to have Democrat policy is to cast a vote, you would think the Democrat party would completely dominate American politics, but that’s far from reality.

Consider the vast apparatus needed to place and keep Democrats in power. Massive campaigns, coordination between Democrat/left-leaning voter blocks, use of political power to segment the public into special interest groups, a decidedly pro-Democrat media. Why is all this needed if Democrat policy is so good?

Why? Because Democrat policy is terrible. It destroys freedom, saps initiative, punishes hard work, lionizes sloth. The reason Democrats need such a formidable machine is because they would be obsolete otherwise.

Well, I’m not interested in seeing Texas turn into a Democrat stronghold, so bring it on.