A Message for the RNC

I get frequent requests from the Republican National Committee for donations. I donated to them during the 2012 election cycle, primarily in reaction to the Akin statement. Now that 2012 is behind us and we can see more clearly its after effects on the Republican party, I’m less enthusiastic about donating to the RNC. Below is my response to their most recent donation request:

Tell you what, you want additional donations from me? You want to rejuvenate the GOP? Very publicly and firmly denounce the statements of Senators McCain and Graham regarding the Paul filibuster. We need more like Senator Paul and less like Senators McCain and Graham. The GOP can’t afford to be fragmented and for McCain and Graham to publicly deepen the divide between the “establishment” and a man clearly on the side of the American citizen as embodied by law is shameful and should not be tolerated.

The GOP should “Stand With Rand” and shun the “go along to get along” boat anchors that are keeping the Republican party from its rightful place as the party of freedom and happiness.