Please read this investigative report by journalist Todd Starnes. In it he exposes an active cover up of the medical condition of the illegal immigrant children who are increasingly coming into the United States. Among things being hidden are cases of swine flu, tuberculosis, lice, and scabies.

Medical staff identifying these conditions are being told not to discuss it under threat of arrest. They are being denied access to communication devices such as mobile phones while inside immigrant housing facilities.

Many of these immigrants arrived at these housing facilities after travel on commercial vehicles such as buses and aircraft. That means the general public might have been exposed to a number of diseases previously eradicated in this country.

This concealment of a very real threat to public health and safety is done at the behest of the Department of Health and Human Services, a very clear indication that the federal government has abdicated its responsibility of public health in deference to a desire for political advantage. That’s right citizens, your health and safety is not as important as political power.

Swine flu does not discriminate. Scabies does not discriminate. They do not ask who you voted for in the 2012 elections. They do not ask whether you are a “liberal” or a “conservative”. Yet there are many who will continue to support the very people who are allowing, indeed mandating, that those infected with these diseases remain in the United States and be spread to various facilities around the country.

This is an outrage. My wife and my child deserve better than this. My friends and colleagues deserve better than this. The liberals down the street who support this administration deserve better than this. None of them deserve to contract tuberculosis because politicians want to control the “optics” of the illegal immigration problem.

Write your representative today.

Write your senator today.

Swine flu ladies and gentlemen. Swine flu is walking across our border, being identified by medical personnel who are then told to keep quiet or be arrested.

There is a word for people who support and mandate such a thing.