It’s Not Immigration, It’s Invasion

Immigrate is defined in Webster’s dictionary as:

“…to come into a country of which one is not a native for permanent residence”

That is, immigrants, by definition, enter a country, a nation state, a sovereign people with the express intent of becoming a permanent resident of that nation state. When a would be immigrant declares their intent as taking back “stolen” territory, they cease to be an immigrant and instead become an invader. They are no longer entering a country to become a resident of that country. They are entering a country to take territory away from that country, to occupy and control territory on behalf of another entity.

That is not immigration, it is invasion.

There are known and vocal groups that openly declare their intent not to immigrate, but to convert, return, occupy, overtake territory currently part of the United States on behalf of a foreign entity. Turn on the news or visit your favorite news website. Look at photographs and watch videos of the pro-illegal immigration protests. Mexican flags flying. United States flags trampled and burned. There is no intent to assimilate, no intent to adopt our system of law, no intent to become a citizen of the United States at all.

That is not immigration, it is invasion.

And how is our federal government responding to this invasion? You know, the one charged with securing the border and maintaining citizen safety and health? We’ll they’re providing housing, food, water, medical care, transportation. They’re locating sympathizing compatriots who will take them into their homes, shield them from deportation proceedings, help them take advantage of our generous welfare system. Our own government is aiding the invaders, ceding territory, moving them into our cities.

This is more than an outrage, it is traitorous. Men and women have died and will die to protect the United States – all of it, every one of us and every mile of our borders. The very government that sends them to die is actively assisting the destruction of what they die for.