Why We Need Happy Holidays

As is unfortunately becoming commonplace, we once again have to suffer through a holiday season tainted by the politicization of what should be a time of warmth, remembrance, and joy. Thanksgiving Day was littered with posts, memes, and editorials about Pilgrims = Refugees and National Genocide Day. Leave it to the left to try to drown everyone in their misery.

If there is any time of year when we should put down our political swords and shields and do our best to get along, it is the Thanksgiving > Christmas > New Years holidays. Yet instead of bellies full of turkey and stuffing we got emails full of Thanksgiving table talking points for making sure your relatives come to terms with how awesome Democrats are.

Why is it that the political right embraces the holidays while the left reacts with indifference or even hostility? Because the right needs a periodic escape from reality and the left does not, because the left doesn’t ever deal with reality.

The left believes it is morally superior because it *feels* that way. The left is an emotional position. If it feels right or good it must be. The right is a logical position. On the right, emotions are tempered by logic. This is why the left is able to characterize the right as callous and uncaring.

In truth, the right is far more emotional than the left, because the right has to deal with the tragedy of realizing that you just can’t help everyone. However much you desire for all to be happy, it cannot be made to be so. The left never faces this. To do so would shatter the illusion of goodness viagra generika kaufen schweiz.

The right is always aware of the abyss. That is why we feel such joy when we are able to achieve something good. Because we know the bad.

This is why we need the holidays to be happy. Why we decorate our homes with garland and lights, listen to 70 year old Christmas music, wear Santa hats. Because once these few weeks are over we will pick up our swords and shields, turn our backs to the abyss and fight the good fight. The holidays is our respite, our time to recharge, to reflect.

Happy Holidays everyone.