Why Trump Has Gravity

Many people, ranging from well-known political pundits to just your typical “man on the street,” are wondering how someone like Donald Trump can have so much traction in the campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential candidacy. I’ve wondered the same thing myself. For me, some of what he says resonates, but there are too many unforced errors in his words, too much celebrity. It doesn’t really feel presidential.

Then I look at the headlines…

Empty seat at the state of the union as a political prop for gun control. How about an empty seat for those shot and killed in the gun control utopia of Chicago? A Syrian refugee at the state of the union while we have refugees raping, stealing, and dealing drugs en masse in Europe, the harbinger of mass immigration from the Middle East. The country is safe even though we have no idea who is coming into the country. Taxes. Debt. People out of the workforce. Microaggressions. Safe spaces. HIllary. Bernie.

And it hits me…

The Trump phenomenon is a perfectly normal response to the lunacy emanating from the ivory towers. Why not have a hot headed celebrity as a presidential candidate when the opposition is the Wizard of Oz? Nothing to see here, just don’t look behind the curtain!


Then maybe we need someone who will tear down the curtain, set it on fire, kick the Wizard out into the street (without his coat), demolish the ivory towers, and relocate their former occupants to the ghettos they created.

Enough with sophomoric, feel good garbage levitra generika indien. Give us hard, cold facts. Make us stew in it. Slap us in the face with the consequences of ignorance borne of politicians perfectly happy to dumb down and placate the masses so long as they continue to enjoy lobster lunches and dinner parties with the upper crust.

Reality will eventually bite. Whether it brakes through flesh and shatters bone is a question of how long it has been ignored.

And we’ve been ignoring reality for a long, long time.