Happy Thanksgiving (Finally)

This morning I ran in a Thanksgiving “fun run” in one of the more “liberal” cities in the United States. For a moment, I thought about wearing my Make America Great Again cap, but didn’t, for fear of being attacked, if only verbally. Yes, I know, coward.

I’m no Trump sycophant, but I am glad that he won, and, if I’m honest, the reason I would have worn the hat would have been to stir the pot, so I suppose I’m glad that I didn’t. That issue to the side, I enjoyed the run, and found pleasure in the realization that this nation isn’t really as divided as we might think it is, at least for a moment, as we run together on a nice crisp morning.

So I am thankful now after seven long years* to be able to enjoy a Thanksgiving without fretting over a seemingly irredeemable future.

[* Seven years because I gave Obama the benefit of the doubt until the passage of Obamacare in spite of such tremendous outcry.]

I am thankful now to have hope, although that comes with full awareness that the battle will be uphill, against large odds, probably spanning beyond my lifetime.

I do not think Donald Trump is the lightbringer canadianviagras.net. But I do think that the American people reached out and grabbed the country’s belt just as we tilted off the cliff.

Now comes the difficult work of pulling America back onto solid ground, and convincing her why walking in a different direction might be the more prudent thing to do.

So I would like to say thank you, for being able to finally again have a Happy Thanksgiving and open this holiday season with joy. Cautious joy, but joy nevertheless.

Happy Thanksgiving.