Democracy Or Presidency – Choose One

It has been four years since I’ve posted anything on this blog. This 2020 presidential election has drawn me out of hibernation – or perhaps blindness.

This election is now beyond a contest for a presidency. It is a challenge to the very concept of elections. It is an affront to the idea of democracy.

What is democracy without an electorate that trusts elections?

It is a sham. A farce. An empty shell. Tyranny hiding behind the illusion of moral governance.

I no longer care deeply who wins this election. Unless the evidence of fraud and manipulation is addressed, it will be a long time before we trust democracy. And that is a bad thing, regardless of political leanings, unless you lean toward tyranny, anarchy, oppression, misery.

President Trump is not throwing a tantrum over a looming defeat. We have seen the evidence of fraud. We have seen the poll workers denied access to polling places. We have seen the ballots in the trash.

There comes a time for choosing.

The choice this time is democracy or presidency.

The clock is ticking.