Will Democrats Live Up To Their Namesake, Or Forsake It?

A democracy only works as long as those participating believe their vote matters. Right now, a substantial number of United States citizens do not believe. They do not believe that their votes are faithfully recorded and jealously protected. They do not have faith in the electoral process.

The Democratic party of the United States of America has a choice to make. They can restore faith in the democratic process in the United States, or they can ignore the voices of those who believe they are disenfranchised and through that ignorance destroy our democracy. The choice really is that dramatic. Will the United States Democratic party choose to save democracy in the United States, or will they sacrifice democracy on the altar of power?

Not to say the Democrats will lose power if they choose to save democracy. But they will risk power if they take the actions necessary to restore faith in the electoral process.

To save democracy, all 2020 United States federal elections need to be completely audited. Voting machines, mail-in ballots, hand counts, signature validation, everything on the table and audited in plain sight. The process and results should be completely public. Anyone who wants to observe the process, or parse through the results should have full and complete access.

Only then will confidence in United States elections be restored.

Will the Democrats do this?

They risk losing it all: The House; The Senate; even the Presidency.

But if this audit is not performed, they risk democracy itself. The process of democracy will be corrupted. The actual concept of a vote as a voice will be tainted – forever.

What is the more profound choice? The more noble path? I would argue that restoring faith in democracy is far more important than winning a particular election. Do Democrats?

In that spirit I issue a challenge to the Democratic Party of the United States of America:

No new business until faith in our democratic process is restored.

Only then can you presume normal governmental business.

If this is done, the Democratic party will have demonstrated that democracy is more important than power. The Democratic party will have legitimate claim to their namesake.

If this is not done, the Democratic party will have proven that their democratic banner is only a facade, a fakery meant to distract from their real namesake – power.