To Die or Never to Live

A recent post on the Ace of Spades blog linked to an article at Legal Insurrection detailing a website where you can “out” former vegans. The website proclaims that “The spirits of the billions murdered have risen to deliver: The Vegan Sellout List – an online directory of those who have regressed from moral consistency to moral depravity.” The anti-meat crew apparently thinks that if people didn’t eat meat, wear leather, etc, there would be millions of cows and pigs roaming the landscape.

Allow me to blow your vegan minds:

If people didn’t eat meat, those cows and pigs would never have been born.

You see, livestock is grown for the purpose of consumption. If meat was never going to be eaten, the animals that provide the meat would never exist. There would be no cattle ranches, no pig farms, no chicken coops.

Sure there would be wild animals, but the “billions murdered” would never even exist.

So I have a question for the morally superior, evolved humans that call themselves vegan:

Is it better to live only to die, or never to live at all?