A Suicidal Mandate

On Friday May 13th the Obama administration threw down the gauntlet.

Through a Department of Education edict, “transgender students must be allowed to participate in such activities and access such facilities consistent with their gender identity.” If a school refuses to comply, the federal government may sue and/or withhold funding. Yes ladies and gentlemen (yes, those are the only two sexes (“genders”), and yes, sex is a permanent trait), the Obama administration is extorting the children of America to force compliance with its “civil” rights agenda.

This move by the administration had interesting timing for me personally because I had recently listened to an episode of Louder with Crowder in which Steven had a discussion with Walt Heyer, a transgender man who had undergone sex “reassignment” surgery then later returned to embracing his male sexuality. During the discussion, Walt exposed a shocking statistic: 41% of transgender people in the United States attempt suicide. Apparently this is regardless of environment, support system, hormones, surgery – 4 out of every 10 transgender people in the United States attempt suicide.

Put aside for a moment the concept of being “born this way” or whether or not it is possible to be born into a body you don’t belong in. Put aside the discussions about “dignity”, or “equality”, or transgender rights.

This administration has mandated that at a vulnerable age, people who are confused about their gender, people who are struggling with their identity, people who are trying to figure out their life, must be treated as the gender of their choosing. The same administration frequently uses the logic “if it only saves one life” in order to justify gun control. Why then would they mandate a policy that places young people at a higher risk of suicide?



The left has spent decades amassing power under the guise of “anti-discrimination” and they will stop at nothing to protect that power, including the sacrifice of children.

If the progressive left allows ANY discrimination to be legitimized, what is to stop ALL discrimination from becoming legitimate? Whether or not that would ever happen is irrelevant. The left is not willing to take that chance. It would mean the risk of losing their power – losing control of the cultural meat cleaver they use to beat us into submission.

To the end of preservation of power, no means is unjustified, including the use of schools to inculcate a child into walking a path with a 41% chance of ending in suicide.

A suicidal mandate indeed.