Miriam Carey Was Not Unarmed

There has been much hand wringing over the shooting of Miriam Carey after she rammed the barricades at the White House and Capital building. The left is lamenting the senseless shooting of an innocent mother. Conspiracy buffs are claiming the shooting as a harbinger of police no longer serving as law enforcement but becoming lawless tools of intimidation.

Both camps rely on one characterization: that Miriam Carey was unarmed.

Oh, but she was armed. She was armed with a 4,000 pound, self-propelled projectile called an Infinity G Coupe.

If you don’t think lethal force is warranted when facing down a madwoman in control of a 4,000 pound vehicle, think again. Just because someone doesn’t have a gun does not mean they are unarmed. Those accusing the police of using unjustified force are falling victim to the same flawed logic used by the anti-gun crowd, that is to fixate on guns as the only instruments of deadly force. There are many things that can be used to deadly effect, including your own body…

…or a 4,000 pound automobile.